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Benefits of VIP Membership

  • free entry to 4 parent education programs
  • 10 free snack tickets
  • Select Upper School Option to receive $10 off of one SAT/ACT practice test session
  • Select Lower School Option to receive 10 additional snack tickets and no practice test

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SAT/ACT Practice Tests

When: Saturday, September 28th

Time: 8:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

Location: BASIS Chandler MPR2

Price: $30 (Booster VIP Members save $10)

The Boosters offer this practice test as a fundraiser, directly supporting academics and activities at school.

Score Reports will be available at a follow-up session on Wednesday, October 2, at 6:00 PM in MPR2.

Registration for the Sept. 28 practice tests is now closed. Watch for additional opportunities throughout the school year.

Creating an SAT/ACT Testing Plan
Wednesday, October 2, 6:30–7:15 PM, MPR2

Families often wonder which tests their kids should be taking and when. The Boosters remain concerned about overtesting our students and unnecessarily raising the intensity of their academic lives. Through ongoing consultation with our school community and as informed by nationally-recognized test prep experts, the Boosters recommend that the PSAT in the 9th grade be the student's first exposure to such tests. Join us for this presentation by our college counselors to shed light on this question, including questions such as:

  • When is the ideal time for a student to take the SAT or ACT? 
  • Which one should they take? Or should they take both? 
  • What is a "good" score? When is a score good enough? 
  • How much test prep do the experts recommend, and how large a gain can test prep deliver?

A donation of $5 per family at the door will help the Boosters fund needs for our performing arts department and robotics teams.

Questions? Contact Suzanne Lewis at president [AT] basischandlerboosters [DOT] org.ext

More Information About the Practice Tests

Who should take a practice SAT or ACT? September's practice test is ideal for Juniors (11th graders) and some Sophomores (10th graders).

Why? There is no reason to spend over six months on test prep, and some colleges won't accept actual test scores earned prior to 11th grade. We recommend that students take their official SAT/ACTs no earlier than January of their Junior year.

I thought you were going to offer a practice PSAT test. Why is it not available this time? In the past, we have offered practice PSAT tests; however, we have learned that really is overkill. It is a significant goal of the Boosters to reduce student stress, particularly stress caused by overtesting. The PSAT is a Preliminary SAT, which means it's a practice test. Our students already take the PSAT as 9th–11th graders, so in 9th and 10th grades, it is purely practice. Students receive a detailed PSAT score report in their College Board accounts, pinpointing the areas where they are still learning and directing them to Khan Academy lessons for self-study. Only for 11th graders who may score high enough to be eligible for the National Merit Scholarship Competition is the PSAT worth spending time prepping for. Juniors interested in taking a practice test prior to the PSAT in October can take the SAT practice test that we are offering.

Unsure if your student may qualify for National Merit? See this FAQ or talk to your student's college counselor for more information.

Donating to BASIS Chandler Boosters

Booster donations benefit all of our kids. The more donations we collect, the more Boosters can supplement our kids' academics and activities. Donations go towards funding Booster events, supporting school social events and clubs, and paying for "Wish List" items, such as:

  • JSTOR — a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources
  • FIRST Tech Challenge robotics club start-up costs
  • Supplies for the Arts and Humanities Departments, including new wireless microphones
  • Pickleball / Badminton Net Set - for the PE Dept
  • Percussion Drum Cabinet - for Mrs. Cook in the Music Dept

Donate to the Boosters at any time by clicking the Donate button below or by dropping a Cash/Check in the Boosters Box located in the School Lobby. Thank you for your support!