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BASIS Chandler By-Laws

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Roger Park


Suzanne Lewis 

Vice President

Hetal Patel 


Heather Bonelli 


Karina Davis

Communications Head

Diana Kwong

Treasurer (elect)

Tina Ho


What is the mission of BASIS Chandler Boosters?

The BASIS Chandler Boosters is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization run by volunteers to support the students, teachers, families and administration of the BASIS Chandler School. The Boosters were formed primarily to:
  • Encourage and promote the welfare of the students attending BASIS Chandler
  • Raise funds to support BASIS Chandler
  • Cooperate with the workings of the school administration and teaching staff


BASIS Chandler Boosters is a volunteer-run organization! That means that all the logistics and organization that allows us to raise money and donate to the school is done by unpaid volunteers. That also means that all the events we put on, all the services we provide, all the items we buy - EVERYTHING we do, is done by unpaid volunteer parents just like you!

The volunteers who put in so much work to make our programs and events a success are doing it because they believe in the mission of the BASIS Chandler Boosters - they want to make BASIS Chandler the BEST school in Arizona and the best experience for all our children. If you would like to volunteer to help with any aspect, big or small, please contact us and we'll help you get started. 

If you just don't have enough hours in the day (and everyone understands that these days!), you can still support the Boosters simply by
donating to the Boosters. The money you donate does not pay a salary or office, it goes towards events and items that make BASIS Chandler a top-notch school. Thank you for your support!

Where has the money the BASIS Chandler Boosters collected gone in the past?

2011 - 2018 
  • Chemistry lab water purifier system
  • Bobcat Mascot
  • Classroom name plates
  • Food for Staff Meetings
  • Language Department supplies and books
  • JSTOR (Online research source)
  • PE Department Supplies
  • Portable PA System
  • Projector screen
  • Staff and Teachers polo shirts 
  • Privacy folders
  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Academic Decathlon fees & supplies
  • Basketball team uniforms & game balls
  • Volleyball game balls
  • English Department cabinets
  • Graphing boards
  • Lunch room cleaning supplies
  • Privacy partitions
  • Soccer program
  • Subs for subs
  • Talent Show piano rental
  • Piano
  • TI Nspire calculators & teacher training
  • Postage for French pen pals
  • Multiple years worth of Art Supplies
  • Multiple year supplies for Drama Department
  • Storage for Science Department
  • Equipment for Science Department
  • Band and Orchestra sheet music
  • Locking file cabinets
  • New Refrigerator for the Teacher’s Lounge
  • Water filtration system in the Teacher Lounge
  • Desks for new teachers
  • Food and other needs for teacher events
  • Award Ceremonies materials
  • Spray bottles for spraying down lunch tables
  • And more...

What events/services do the BASIS Chandler Boosters provide?

  • Lunches for the students (the main purpose of the lunch program is to provide a service, but the program is a small fundraiser for the school)
  • Yummy Fundraisers: Jamba Juice (gives 20% of sales back to BASIS Boosters)
  • Activities: Supports the students putting on Dances

  • Activities, for example: Pool Party, Ice skating, Roller skating, Skate boarding, School Picnics, Parent Teacher Holiday Social  
  • Yummy Fundraisers: Visit restaurants on certain days & they'll give a percentage to the school! (percentages vary by restaurant)
  • Shopping Fundraisers: Shop at Chandler Fashion Center and gain money for the school through School Cents. Link your Target credit card to BASIS Chandler for a portion of the money spent shopping with the card.

How much does it cost to join?

No cost to join. But you can donate for a great cause  You can click here to donate.