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Teacher Appreciation

Join us in giving our teachers a big Thank You!  

Please consider donating towards our annual Teacher Appreciation Fund where we honor our school's hard working, dedicated teachers and their outstanding support staff with a week of raffles, gifts and luncheons. 100% of the money collected goes directly to our teachers.

We are very blessed to have such a wonderful group of teachers.  Every teacher is an asset to our school and the parents and students are privileged to be a part of this.

PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE NOT COLLECTING GIFT CARDS. BASIS policy prohibits teachers from accepting a gift of anything other than nominal value, so this is your chance to give.

This drive is not associated with the Annual Teacher Fund (ATF).

INTEL Families

Donate via Benevity so we can receive Intel's donation matching and raise more funds. Choose one of these easy options appropriate fund:

  • Or, log on to your work computer and type goto/getmatched in a browser window.

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Corporate Matching

Does your company participate in a donation matching program through Benevity? If so, be sure to make your Teacher Appreciation donation through Benevity so that our collection allows us to be generous in our gifts to our teachers and staff.  Here's how:

  • Visit your company's corporate giving program at Then search for Then search for BASIS Chandler Boosters, and donate to the Teacher/Staff Appreciation Fund 2022

  • If your corporate giving program is through an organization other than Benevity, please reply to this email and let us know how to connect with it. Your kids and everyone at BASIS Chandler will benefit from your company's generosity.

Personal Donations

Make your teacher appreciation shopping easy, and donate today to the Teacher Appreciation Fund. Choose one of these donation methods:

  • Make your check payable to "BASIS Chandler Boosters," mark the Memo line with "Teacher Appreciation Fund," and drop it in the Boosters Box located in the school lobby.

  • Place a cash donation in an envelope marked "Teacher Appreciation Week," and drop it in the Boosters Box located in the school lobby.

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