Top Reasons to Join the BASIS Chandler Boosters

1.  Show your support for BASIS Chandler
The Boosters is an organization dedicated to enriching the BASIS experience for students, faculty, parents, and staff. Through social activities, a lunch program, carpool coordination, and teacher appreciation events, your membership in the Boosters shows you care.
2.  The Boosters support everyone

The Boosters are committed to supporting the entire student body and staff at BASIS Chandler. This is not a select group merely benefiting only Boosters families. We encourage every family to join the Boosters as this will greatly enhance our ability to provide a wide assortment of programs.

3.  Lunch program

The Boosters are in charge of volunteers for the school’s lunch program. Without the hard work of our lunch committee and volunteers, there would be no on-campus option to receive a lunch.  By purchasing lunch, you are participating in a Fundraiser which benefits the school.  By volunteering to serve lunch, you are ensuring the success of the program.

4.  Carpool Coordination
As a charter school, BASIS Chandler has no bus system. The daily task of transporting your child to and from school can present scheduling difficulties. The Boosters facilitate carpooling by connecting interested families.   
5.  School Support

The Boosters provide a tremendous amount of financial support to BASIS Chandler for much needed school supplies and school functions across all the departments.  This includes working with the LoL, our League of Leaders, to promote school and social functions.  This would not be possible without your support!

6.  Teacher appreciation

BASIS Chandler has assembled some of the best teachers in the United States. Their efforts lay the foundation for your child’s education. The retention of these talented professionals is important for the BASIS community. The Boosters work to recognize their hard work and plan a number of teacher appreciation activities throughout the year.

7.  You decide your level of involvement
By becoming a Booster, you are not obligating yourself to any particular degree of involvement. You can attend every meeting and be involved in multiple committees, or you can pay your membership dues, reap the benefits of membership, and do nothing else. It's totally up to you!
8.  We need you (and your ideas)

BASIS Chandler Boosters is only as successful as the people that participate. Your ideas and perspectives can make a real difference in our goals and accomplishments.  If you would like to volunteer to help with any aspect, big or small, contact us and we'll help you get started.