Lunch Volunteers

In order for the school to run a successful 5-day lunch program, we need volunteers to help serve lunch during lunch time. Lunches will be served from 10:30am-1:30p. If you can volunteer, please contact Karina Davis at [email protected], or click on the following link: Thank You!

Teacher Appreciation Committee

Carpool Coordinator

Feel passionate about carpooling?  Help BASIS Chandler become a carpooling community by volunteering!  This position can take however much time you want to devote to it.  The basic responsibility is to make sure all potential carpoolers know about each other.  After that, you can do promotions, offer incentives - do whatever you feel needs to be done!

Currently, this job is done by members of the Boosters Board who already have numerous responsibilities.  That means the basic tasks will be completed.  So if you  want to ensure that this program is the best it can be, please raise your hand to help out!  Email [email protected] if interested.